Self Founds and Self found accounts.

Self found List
  1. Glossy Ibis:   Baddow Meads 24/3/12
  2. Caspian Gull:   Hanningfield Reservoir 17/3/12
  3. Balearic Shearwater: Borth
  4. Lapland Bunting: Cudmore Grove

Glossy Ibis: Baddow Meads 24/3/12
The continued presence of A Glossy Ibis at Heybridge and a Green-winged Teal at Maldon prompted me to do some birding of my own as I was annoyed that I couldn't make it down to Maldon to see these two lifers. So off to the good old Baddow Meads I went. I was hoping for some close Reed bunting, Little Egret and early Migrants at the Meads and early on I did see a distant Little egret ( The egrets are beginning to colonise the site) and a few Reed Buntings.

But after an hour birds was becoming thin on the ground. I did however notice that a certain tree was holding a lot of Finches. I could make out Chaffinch, greenfinch and Linnet so I decided to try and get a close photograph, the pond would be next. However I couldn't help but glance at the pond and in the corner of my eye I spied a large brown bird walking amongst the reeds. I could not believe my eyes. Iwas staring straight at a Glossy Ibis! The very bird I wanted to see in Maldon was on my local patch. (Ring number 8J9 bird originally rung in Donna Spain). A few frantic minutes later and I had some record photos and Then I tried to get some really good close photos of the bird before other people arrived to see it. And thankfully I succeeded. 
A quick bike ride home and I posted my sighting onto bird forum, EBWS and RBA. And it wasn't long before other birders arrived and saw the bird.
Over its stay of 3 weeks the bird was seen by around 50 birders and it was my first self found that caused a twitch.

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