Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Grass Snake

Yesterday I went fishing with my friend to the River chelmer (As all my exams are finished). Well I didn't really go fishing I was birding and reptiling But I really enjoyed watching my friend fish.
From a birding perspective the day was pretty poor, only a few whitethroats, song thrush and warblers were of note. However reptiling was much better as I caught my first Grass snake (0.50cm). The snake was a stunning creature and was very docile, makes me want to catch more. We released the snake after holding it.
Fishing was also good as I saw 2 new species of fish, Rudd and Chub.
In total my friend caught
4 Chub
2 Rudd
2 Perch
1 Dace
1 Roach.
So a really good day, this evening I am off to photograph some Whitethroats.

I will write up the rest of my Wales trip soon.

The Stunning Grass Snake

My friends perch
My Friend Holding the Grass snake, I held the snake too, what an amazing experience!

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