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A page about me...
I am a 16 year old birder and Wildlife photographer from Chelmsford Essex. I enjoy many aspects of birding but certain things interest me more: Identification, subspecies and taxonomy zoology/ornithology, world bird listing, rarity finding, behaviour, surveying, distribution, ecology and (Very rarely) Local twitching... 

A bit more about me.
I love wildlife photography and I have won a few awards.http://www.wild-wonders.com/photo_competition_winners.asp?month=7&year=2011&cat=EWW&age=17-&show=5

See http://500px.com/HaddenTurner for my complete photos.

My ideal job would be as a Dr of ornithology working for the Natural History museum, IOC or a University. My ultimate dream is to find a new species or to rediscover an "extinct species"

I love Zoology, ornithology and general learning.
I am a Christian

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